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Welcome to Jeong's Martial Arts Academy. Take a look around, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We hope to see you join one of our programs.

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  • Kira Vasquez

    Black Belt Student

    Training with Master Jeong has driven me to develop better character and confidence. He has taught me to become a leader in my community,and I am now confident in sharing who I have become with the world. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

  • Jeannette Oun-Tieu & Sean Tieu

    Parents of Nathan Tieu

    Jeong’s Tae Kwon Do has helped build Nathan’s self confidence.I’ve noticed that he’s more resolved in his decision making, both in school and in sports. The proof is in his performance. It has also taught him respect and responsibility. He has taken initiated on doing little things around the house for me and his younger siblings without asking. He has learned self control and able to be told “no” without reacting in a misbehaving manner. His improvements since taken TKD has been a positive influence on his younger siblings.

  • Allie & Lincoln Sheriff

    Urbana ES 4th & 6th Grades

    Jeong’s Taekwondo has really improved our confidence and discipline. Master Jeong is a great teacher, he makes learning fun.

  • Mark & Soledad Romero

    Parents of Kyle Romero

    Master Jeong’s Urbana Taekwondo builds confidence, discipline, strength, fitness, and self-defense skills. As a black belt, Kyle trains in nunchuks, bo staff, sword battle, as well as other forms of Taekwondo. He is currently involved in their demonstration team that performs at different local events.

  • YaChuan Huang & Vineet KewalRamani

    Parents of Shaun KewalRamani

    Shaun is now in his second year at Jeong’s TaeKwonDo in Urbana, which draws students from all over Frederick county. We’ve been very pleased with the attentive and expert instruction that he has received as well as the side benefit of increased cultural awareness while training in this traditional style Korean Dojang. While the training has provided him with increased confidence and discipline, Shaun mostly likes kicking things higher than his head and competing with his other friends that have been growing in the program. We’re already reserving a spot in the Dojang for his baby brother in the future.

  • Kyungae & Suhwan Chang

    Parents of Eugene & Kevin Chang

    Great discipline and step by step instructions. We enjoyed our time a lot in Jeong’s Urbana TaeKwondo. He trained us step by step in solid discipline. We wish to have great master like Master Jeong in Korea in near future. We will remember Master Jeong and this place forever.

  • Bill & Justine

    Parents of Jacob & Sophie

    We are very pleased to see how Jacob and Sophie have matured and grown while training at Jeong's Martial Arts Academy. Master Jeong has helped our kids to further develop confidence, discipline, and perseverance. Most importantly, they have learned to respect and respond to authority in a positive manner. Master Jeong is great with younger students and has been instrumental in helping them to become better individuals in the classroom, community, and home.


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